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A Utah man who found a message in a bottle while vacationing in the Caribbean is trying to track down the note’s elusive authors.

Clint Buffington, a message in a bottle aficionado who has found more than 100 messages in bottles while searching near various bodies of water, said he found a bottle during a February trip to the Caribbean.

“It says, ‘The finder of this message will be visited by good luck,'” Buffington told KGW-TV. “It’s just signed from Becky in Washington, D.C. and Jim in Portland, Ore.”

Buffington, who operates the Message in a Bottle Hunter blog, said the message included an email address, but he never received a response from the account.

He is now attempting to find Becky and Jim via social media.

“The message was sent from a boat off Jacksonville, Florida in 2018,” Buffington wrote in a Facebook post. “Do you know Becky from Washington, D.C.? Or Jim from Portland, Oregon? I want to let them know about the good luck I’ve had since opening their bottle!”