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Bengals go right down the field in their new all-white look

The Bengals used their fresh look to get off to a fast spot against the Dolphins. The first team to utilize second headgear since the NFL relaxed the rules requiring

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Birthweights below the 25th percentile linked to later developmental concerns

Being born below the 25th percentile for birthweight may put a child at risk for developmental difficulties, according to a new study by Abiodun Adanikin of Coventry University, U.K., and

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EU takes step to ease proposed curbs on foreign banks, document shows

Foreign bank branches in the European Union would not automatically become a costlier subsidiary if their business reached a certain “systemic” size, the Czech EU presidency proposed on Thursday. The

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The Last of Us TV adaptation not “sole” reason for Part 1 PS5 remake, PlayStation head says

There have been some rumblings that Sony, along with developer Naughty Dog, decided to release its The Last of Us Part 1 remake for the PlayStation 5 (and eventually PC)

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Serval on the loose in British Columbia after two escape

The owners of two African servals in British Columbia said one of the cats was captured and another remains on the loose after the animals escaped in what might have

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